Sunday, 3 June 2012

Group story

You know how people say everyone has a 'twin' out there somewhere in the universe. Well i didn't believe them.I mean why would god create two of me? but now that I'm in a parallel universe getting chased by every police officer in Manurewa in an ambulance which I high jacked in the middle of a marathon and has a dying old man in the back. I have a feeling I'm in some serious trouble. And it's gonna be a long story. It all started this morning when i woke up late like usual. And I have Ms Frem, the cracky old bag gives you an hour detention. So i pretty much ran to school, I took a different route somewhere I have never been before. Smart aye? and all of a sudden i trip and fell down a hole that felt like forever. And i drop in the exact same place in the exact same time. i was gobsmacked. i went round asking people where i was, and why everything looked different. i got ignored like i wasn't even there. I stumbled in a crowed of marathon runners. and then next thing i remember i was being chased by the police for being a serial killer. i think they have me confused with the other me. Well this should be interesting.......

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  1. Some bits to fix up - read it out loud to yourself.

    Add in the correct punctuation - capital letters etc.