Thursday, 7 June 2012

3 Day Episode

3 Day Episode
What would you call it? Bake a Photo graph
What would you do each day? THe basic purpose of this ep is to enhance your skills in baking and photography.
Day 1: Research different recipes, taste different basic mixtures, eg. a basic cupcake, basic cookie. and find two recipes you want to recreate or create from scratch on day 3
Day 2: Research different photo techniques, eg. what type lighting makes food look good, etc. take photographs around the school, etc.
Day 3: Create and photograph your creations and 3ab is a baking shared lunch type thing.Is there a trip? Nope
How much does it cost? 15 - 25. depending on if you taste basic mixtures on day 1. And it would include icing and things like that. But students would need to bring a camera
What independent learning qualities will people develop? Well, your constantly developing learning qualities, but this episode would focus on creativity, curiosity and collaboration

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