Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Ahh. Kony 2012. Everyone talks about Kony 2012 and how it is scamming us, how they used millions of dollars to create this movie and it's a load of bull. And I stand there and laugh.

I ask them what was the point of the video. And they tyical answers were; "to get us to donate money and get the action pack". But the whole thing about Kony 2012 is to get people to know and learn about Kony and the terrible things he did. The reason I laugh at them is because the video they called pointless, has achieved its goal. Them talking about video has made the video a success. No matter how much money they spent on the video they achieved their goal and millions now know konys name.

I'm super annoyed at the media. They all say kony 2012 is a lie. The facts are a lie. Its so confusing. They need to make up there minds. They still can't deny kony is real and the things he did were real. He may not be in uganda anymore but he was there. Also the maker of kony2012 was found masterbaiting and naked in public, hes also trying to do something good, its not like he is trying to sell drugs. He is trying to shine light a criminal. So give him a break and stop judging him.

I dont love kony 2012, it has its flaws, but its heart is in the right place :)

KONY if your reading this I personally hope your tortured and killed :)

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  1. Good piece - I agree with you that while the video may have it's flaws it's heart was in the right place and it has certainly achieved it's aims!