Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Book review

Lock and Key
Author: Sarah Dessen

I chose to do my review on Lock and Key because I love the author. And she it known for her amazing romantic novels.

Lock and Key is about ruby abandoned by her flakey mother, she is forced to live with her sucessful older sister until she turns 18. Her life was turned upside down, everything is so fancy, new clothes, private school and more. She didn't fit in. The only person who understood was Nate. The popular boy next door. Maybe he was hiding something.

I love this book because although the summary sounds cliche it's quite the oppsite. Its down to earth and realistic. You feel like ruby's best friend. She tells you everything. I love the way through out the book she had flash back to when she was struggling with her mother. The relationships between the characters was amazing and for example the relationship between ruby and her sister is extremly awkward at first and you can feel the awkwardness, it is like your apart of their relationship. As their relationship develops and they grow fonder of each other so do you.

Also the classic love story for me is a must, but this one also has some major twists in it, some i personally didn't see coming. Like in one of the twists instead of embracing her life, ruby decides to return to her crappy life, old school. Even when nate has shown an insterest in her and she likes him back. Sarah dessen explains it better :). I would recommend this to young adult. As there are some refrences to drugs and sex. And Females of course.

This book has me gribbed to its pages, so much pages i loved so much i read them over and over and showed everybody. This is a book I'd recommend without a second thought. I give this book 5 out of 5. My 2nd favourite book.

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  1. There are some punctuation and spelling errors that you should go back and fix up.
    A very good review - well written. Sounds like an interesting book :)
    If you bring it in you can use it for one of your responses in your assessment.