Sunday, 12 February 2012

My holidays :)

My holidays were, lets say interesting. They started out great; spending most of my december days with my friend brittany. We mostly chilled, walked, spent huge amounts of money on silly string and did  brittanys paper run.  So far it was turning out to be the best holidays yet. But then about 22nd of december, my 'friend' kinda spoiled it. So i spent my christmas days with a broken heart.  Christmas had passed. I meet up with old mates and brittany again. We saw Journey 2, Mysterious island. I also slept alot. I then got swept off my feet. By my auntie and uncle of course. They let me stay in their hotel in the viaduct. We ate at soul the best resturant in the world. Lovely drinks, crispy salad, melt in your mouth tortillini, creamy creme burlee and oh my the best thing was the cauliflower balls. Like i said. My holidays were interesting, i cried, i laughed and  i even juggled. I hope your holidays were as fun as mine


  1. awkward how you had to mention sad things... positive my dear teen :) holidays are fun :D

    1. Well it was a big part of my holidays. And My holidays were fun :D

  2. Great to see you have figured out how to use blogger and include a link in your post.
    Watch your use of capitals - make sure names, such as Brittany and Soul have them - go back and edit this.
    Thanks for getting your home learning done :)