Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What I am reading ?

Im currently reading catching fire. Its ok. Its pretty slow at the moment. I love the characters and the way suzanne collins paints the 'picture'. I don't know really it just the type of book isn't what I usually read, andI know everyone says it something everyone can relate to but Im kinda thinking the hunger games series is a one hit wonder.

But the again, the characters alone make me want to read. So far what i read is just katniss realising her forever fate and everyone (haymitch, peeta , etc) going on tour. I think the only thing really is making keep reading is how this is another book. Athough i tknow what happens. But i just want to know how it happens. Gah im tired of writing this now I
wanna read bye.

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  1. Go back and fix up things like the missing capitals and apostrophes.

    Have you finished the book now?