Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Best teacher

I have had some extremly bad teachers over the years, and some really good ones. This year, although i've had some really good teachers like miss kelly ;), miss cottee, ms mason. My favourite teacher still has to be my year 8 teacher miss irwin. Yes many people have called her to stricked (can't spell) and so on. But most of them are either stupid or naughty. Just saying! Anyway the reasons I loved her as my teacher was well her passion for greatness. Although some times I felt like dying, everytime she pushed me I felt like I improved and she pushed for greatness not just in her favourite subject art, but also in english, math and oh the wall displays! Another reason was her organisation. Maybe it because the year before I felt I had a really badly organised teacher but she always had everything in the right place at the right time. Also I loved how she did poetry. I learnt some amazing things. Also how she always had books on our topic which were really interesting. Also how she couldnt use a computer! Although we hardly used the 'smart board ' thing, we still learnt alot! I could literally go on for ever. Although I wasnt the teachers pet, I felt she tried to treat every one equally.

To conclude, she is the best freakin' teacher I have ever had :)

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